Nichkhun shows off his lucky four-leaf clover

Kasih Juju

On October 3rd, 2PM‘s Nichkhun shared a cute photo of himself holding a four-leaf clover with the tweet, “I thought four-leaf clovers were really rare..I went looking for some and I found 8 of them hahaha“.
In the photo, Nichkhun is posing cutely for the camera while holding up a four-leaf clover for his fans to see.
Fans left comments like, “You uploaded this the day before my exam, thank you!”, “You are so lucky!”, and “I’ve never even found one, and you found eight?!”
It looks like Nichkhun has a lot of luck heading his way thanks to his eight four leaf-clovers!
Source + Photo: Nichkhun’s Twitter
Source : allkpop
(Nota kaki : To my lovely roomate Sha Abd Razak, kite tau mesti akak da bace pasal entry ni..tapi kite nak masukkan jugak kat blog ni.... lalalalala... )