25 July 2017

Food To Avoid to Prevent Acne

Avoid these foods in your diet to get rid of acne
  1. Avoid fatty and oily food
  2. Avoid chocolates, ice-cream, peanut butter, cakes, white bread, sweets and fried food
  3. Avoid refined sugar
  4. Avoid gluten rich food
  5. Avoid spicy food
  6. Avoid cheese
  7. Avoid carbonated and caffeinated beverages or food


Wani Sukarno said...

Alamak kalo nak avoid semua tu rasa Kot .. hii tapi no 7 jerr tolak carbonated.. caffein minum haaa

Cik Yaya said...

salam ju
yaya singgh melawat..
wah makanan atas tu..
mmg AGREE to avoid..huhu
mnmbh lemak yang sedia ada je nanti >,<

Siti Rohaida Yusof said...

alamak...cheese tu tak boleh terima...hahahaha....

Mia Liana said...

adoiii.. tak leh nak elak.. camne...

Radhia Razali said...

Nice sharing

Anonymous said...

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