Overnight Coconut Oil Beauty Tips

Kasih Juju
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Overnight Coconut Oil Beauty Tips
  • Dry Hair - Massage some warm coconut oil on your scalp and hair before bedtime. Shampoo the next morning.
  • Dandruff - Add few drops of tea tree oil to pre-warmed coconut oil and massage scalp.
  • Hair fall - Mix some fenugreek water with coconut oil and massage scalp and hair.
  • Acne - Add few drops tea tree oil to coconut oil and apply on face / use as spot treatment overnight.
  • Cracked heels - Liberally apply coconut oil on the entire feet and wear socks. Let the oil work overnight.
  • Mouth ulcers - Apply pure coconut oil on mouth ulcer before bedtime and let it work overnight.
  • Healthy teeth - After brushing your teeth, rub your gums with organic coconut oil.