9 April 2018

Healthy Picks for Diabetics

Healthy Picks for Diabetics.

  • Sweets - Lemonade, regular soda, sugar-sweetened teas.
  • Vegetables - Potatoes, peas, corn
  • Protien - Roasts, dark meats, bacon, sausage, fried meats
  • Fruit - Banana, melons, stone fruits
  • Protien - Seafood, turkey, chicken, lean beef, dairy foods, beans, soy protien
  • Vegetables - Salad greens, carrots, zuchini, mushrooms, sweet potatoes
  • Sweets - Whatever you desire in a small quantity
  • Fruit - Berries


  1. Bila baca info tentang diet pesakit diabetes ni teringat my dad..
    Sekarang LZ rajin baca info tentang ini untuk relates dengan dietnya..
    By the way thanks for sharing..


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