Launching off the South's first SF Coffee outlet by celebrating arts and coffee

Kasih Juju
Launching off the South's first SF Coffee outlet by celebrating arts and coffee

Johoreans are in for atreat as San Francisco (SF) Coffee has opened its doors to the South launching their very first Johor outlet right in Capital City - eager to whet local Johorean's appetite with quality top-of-the crop coffee, expert roasting and great service.

With Capital City poused to be the biggest amusement focus in Malaysia and a great host for the first outlet of SF Coffee in Johor Bahru, the brand new coffee joint offers a classic vibe incorporating a warm vintage coffee-coloured brown of a 70s Japanese kissaten and the grand opulence of grand halls in train stations, stimulating all five senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight.

SF Coffee is ready to serve Johor coffee enthuasiasts only the best, fresh and aromatic brews as eaxh step taken to make delightful coffees are delicately and precisely executed to fulfil your coffee cravings. Additionally, customers can have the choice of being seated in more private space where they get to indulge in their 'alone' time with a beverage of choice or a cosier, friendlier lounge area to catch up with friends and family.

To commerate of the opening ofcthe first SF Coffee outlet in Johor while embracing SF Coffee's affinity with the arts, SF Coffee lauched a mini art exhibition, "SF Coffee: Colours of the South" - potraying an expression of gratitude to JB's warm welcome.

In conjuctuon with the outlet launch, SF Coffee also announced a colouring contest nationwide where with purchase of beverage in the uniquely design Marty Wood's SF Coffee cup (available at any SF Coffee outlet) entitles customers to enter the colouring contest and stand a chance to win a year's wortg of coffee and other prizes.

Participants would simply need to colour the Marty Woods unique SF Cup, upload it onto Instagram and hashtag #SFCoffeeXMartyWoods and #SFCoffeeColouringContest for tracking purposes. Submissions for the colouring contest closes on 30 November 2018.

For more information of San Francisco Coffee, please visit or visit their Facebook Page here :