Wash Your Hands to Get Paid

Kasih Juju
StarFish launches digital campaign to reward local community who wash their hands.

Washing hands is the most basic way for us to keep bacteria away. In order to encourage more people to wash their hands in the correct way more frequently, local frozen food manufacturer, StarFish has introduced a digital campaign named “#PayWithHandWash”.
Pay with hand wash campaign
In this campaign, people are encouraged to shoot a video of washing hands, and upload to their social media, Facebook or Instagram. Each second of hand washing can let them earn RM0.50. The longer the time they wash their hands, the highest they get paid. Maximum paid hand washing time is 60 seconds which is equal to RM30.

“We would like our fans to alert on the importance of washing hands frequently even though at home,” said Ms. Michelle Liew, Marketing Manager of StarFish.

We should wash our hands not less than 40 seconds as recommended by World Health Organization. However, there are lots of people simply wash their hands in very short time. Therefore, we launch this campaign to have them to wash their hands as longer time as they can but limited to 60 seconds, to keep bacteria away. Their hand washing time will be converted to E-Cash voucher to be used to purchase our products online, and get delivered to their doorsteps.” Commented by Ms. Michelle.
Shoot a video of hand washing ang upload it to media social
This campaign is carried out from 27 Mar to 27 Apr 2020. Only first 100 participants who uploaded videos to their own Facebook or Instagram are eligible to receive E-Voucher via social media messenger. Video which received highest LIKEs will be further rewarded with a Touch N’ Go card worth RM100.

“We began our delivery service to ensure our customers are able to continue enjoy sufficient nutrients
from our products,” Ms. Michelle added.

Due to the imposition of Movement Control Order, people are advised to always stay at home. Therefore, StarFish offers products delivery service to their customers. Customers are able to order StarFish products through their official Facebook, or online shopping application such as Hungry and Octopus Delivery, and enjoyed delivery to their doorsteps.

For more details on the digital campaign, “#PayWithHandWash” launched by StarFish, and their products, kindly log on to their official Facebook page.

StarFish is the home brand of Khong Kee Food Industry Sdn Bhd. As a Johor home grown company, StarFish is well-recognized in the community with more than 80 fresh and frozen food products comprises of fish, seafood, chicken and local value added product. Certified by HALAL by JAKIM Malaysia and MESTI by Ministry of Health Malaysia, StarFish aims to provide high quality food products which contain high nutrients. Throughout the years, StarFish continuously invents new creation to keep customer’s excitement in StarFish product. The wide array of StarFish products including frozen fish ball, fresh fish ball, dim sum series, fun bites such as fish pop corn, tofu series and more.

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