Dine On Bibik's Peranakan "Tok Panjang" at Bibik's Kitchen, JO Hotel, Johor Bahru

Kasih Juju
"Tok" derived from Hokkien as Table and "Panjang" denotes Long in Malay, reflecting the Peranakan feast culture. Due to peranakan hospitality and the amalgamation of Chinese and Malay influences, feast that laid out on the long table will be filled with multiple dishes where no culinary shortcuts were taken tiogive invited guests, family and friends massive bomb of flavors to try.

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Today, Bibik's had specially curated a "Tok Panjang" feast where you get to enjoy variety of Casual Asian Peranakan food. The starters: Kueh Pai Tee, or known as the Nyonya Top Hats which is a significant appetizer in most occasions. 

Ingredients for making Kueh Pai Tee
My Kueh Pai Tee

The mains: 
Assam Pedas Fish Head, a classic Malaysian style "sour & spicy" curry, 
Ayam Buah Keluak, chicken braised with candlenut,
Ayam Kapitan, chicken cooked in distinctive Nyonya-style curry,
Ayam Pongteh, chicken stewed in fermented bean paste
Cenacaru sumbat sambal, home-made chili shrimp paste stuffed mackerel,
Cincaluk telur dadar, Bibik's favorite fermented shrimp omelette, and lastly
Udang masak lemak nenas, prawn cooked in Bibiks special pineapple curry.

Asam Pedas Fish Head

Ayam Buah Keluak

Udang Sambal petai

Ayam Kapitan

Itik Tim

The desserts rolled out to complete the "Tok Panjang" feast, Cendol, Bibik's favorite shaved ice dessert topped with gula melaka and Limikotea, a unique four layered drink (Horlicks, Milo, kopi, teh)


Since opening it's door on 6th September 2020, Bibik's Kitchen has been serving up Casual Asian Peranakan Food, inspired by homely authentic flavors of the Peranakan cuisine. The must-tries are Kueh Pai Tee (RM6), Assam Pedas Kepala Ikan (RM35) / Ikan Pari (RM20), Ayam buah keluak (RM15), Nyonya Chap Chye (RM6) and udang masak lemak nenas (RM18) and cincalok telur dadar (RM10). We also served freshly hand crafted Nyonya kuih muih (RM5) daily, a few illustrations of assorted kuih muih includes Pulut Tekan, Nyonya Seri Muka, Kuih Koci and Klepon (ondeh-ondeh), perfect for your afternoon tea breaks as "Pencuci Mulut".

Apart from the ala-carte dishes, Bibik's also serves exclusive Nyonya Set Lunch at only RM35nett for two pax. For diners who love Nasi Campur, it is only RM10nett with daily rotational menu.

Nyonya Set Lunch at only RM35nett for two pax

In conjunction with Christmas festival, on 24th - 25th December 2020 let's celebrate the one and only Bibik Style Christmas Dinner in Bibik's Kitchen at only RM80nett for two pax come with Goh Hiong Roll, Rosated Chicken with Keluak Sauce, Steamed Fish with Nyonya Sauce, Pulut Kuning, Sago Gula Melaka & Lemongrass Drink. Advance reservation required.

Lemongrass drink

They are available for dine-in, takeaway and catering for your private events as well in our newly refurbished event hall rename as THIA BESAR with nyonya theme decoration. Other than that, we have Kapur Hall, Meranti Hall & Chengal Hall located at level 4.

For more information on these and other promotions as well as table reservations, please call the hotel at +6072888688.