Penang Sportswear Brand Promotes Malaysians’ Active Lifestyles on Shopee Live

Kasih Juju
In response to the increasing demand for its reasonably priced and superior sportswear, Penang-based Elgini Apparel Sdn Bhd (Elgini) purchased a 30,000 square foot facility in Nibong Tebal earlier this year. Elgini attributed their increasing success in the local market to a number of factors, including their strategic transition to an online presence, with a focus on live streaming.

Elgini joined Shopee in November 2020 and began using the Shopee Live platform right away, realizing its potential to help vendors expand their online presence, create communities, and improve real-time user engagement. Elgini makes use of Shopee Coins, Shopee Live Games, and Live-exclusive Vouchers, among other platform tools and features, to boost sales income, customer engagement, and the amount of followers.

Elgini's greatest accomplishment is their high rate of customer satisfaction, which results in a sizable number of return customers. They also have 310 thousand followers and 4.9 star ratings from nearly 500 thousand Shopee reviews.

In September, Elgini observed that their live streaming on Shopee contributed to almost half of their total sales. During the recent 10.10 campaign, their Shopee Live sales increased by 1.9 times compared to regular days, and they achieved a peak viewership that was 3.7 times higher than usual. Their primary target audience consists of Malay buyers, and Shopee Live serves as a direct link to this demographic.

During their live sessions, hosts wearing Elgini attire drive sales by interacting with customers in real-time and providing product education. They showcase a range of clothing items, including windbreakers, yoga pants, and best-selling tracksuits (more than 700 thousand sold), emphasising features that cater to the preferences of Malaysians, such as cooling, stretchy materials, and modest styles. These products are popular with Malaysians of all backgrounds, ages, and sizes, popular among riders and outdoor enthusiasts who engage in sports, hiking, jogging, aerobics, gym workouts, travel, or leisure at home.

These sessions run for two to three hours each throughout the day, with sellers going live for up to 14 hours daily to maximise reach. From their observation, their live stream sessions perform exceptionally well, particularly when they pin their stream at the top of the Shopee Live page and at night. Regular live streams also allow Elgini to forge deeper bonds with users, leading to the building of strong online communities and loyal customer bases.

Mr. Lim, the CEO of Elgini said, "Shopee Live is a platform of choice for Elgini that has helped us scale and succeed online. It helps businesses seamlessly engage shoppers and deliver fun and enjoyable shopping experiences while effectively reaching out to and engaging users who are browsing and actively looking to buy. Looking ahead, Elgini Apparel has exciting long-term strategic plans for our Shopee livestream where we are eager to expand our creativity and engage viewers with improved features for a better shopping experience."

Originally an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with 15 years of industry experience, Elgini transitioned into an independent brand in 2018 and joined Shopee in 2020. Being both the brand owner and producer allows them to adjust pricing to meet customer needs, allowing them to achieve their mission of offering affordable, high-quality sportswear to all Malaysians.