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October 5, 2017

18 Ways To Be More Positives At Work

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18 Ways To Be More Positives At Work
  1. Commute - Listen to audio books, podcast or inspirational music on your commute.
  2. Arrive early - Arrive early and focus on the task required today.
  3. Emails - Avoid checking emails first thing. Focus on task in hand and periodically check emails through the day.
  4. Time usage - Are you making the most of your time? Focus efforts on what matters most.
  5. Planning - Schedule your day and set out achievable objectives.
  6. Break times - Plan breaks into your day to allow recovery and re-focus on your tasks.
  7. Meetings - Walking meetings help focus. Leave the meeting with clear and achievable objectives.
  8. Health and well being - Exercise is proven to educe stress and the resulting feel good factor can boost your productivity, while leaving you in a healthy mindset.
  9. Pace yourself - Rushing task will create more errors that inevitably you will have to re-do.
  10. Be positive - Infuse positive emotions into your work and colleagues and enjoy the contagious nature.
  11. Support - Share your achievements with other and support the results of colleagues.
  12. Compassion - Remain compassionate to negative colleagues. People are usually negative for a reason.
  13. Collaboration - Never be afraid to ask for help. Collaborative with others to achieve mutual goals.
  14. Office politics - Don't get bogged down in office politics. Focus on what is needed to move forward.
  15. Boring jobs - Bite the bullets and face mind numbing tasks head on.
  16. Critisms - Understand any criticism aimed of you and use the feedback to improve your work.
  17. Holiday days - Try different activities on your day off. Variety is the spies of life and leave you in a more positive mood.
  18. Adapt - Bussiness changes ti survive. Make sure you are open and adoptable rather then resisting change.


  1. Office politic tu memang susah nak lari. Kat mana pergi pun mesti akan jumpa :(

  2. salah satu pegangan aida dari dulu hingga skang kan Ju = arrive early.
    tu satu perkara yg aida cuba utk amalkan.
    bukan nyer nak tunjuk kat bos. tapi bila dtg pagi, aida rasa sgt fresh.
    then, before 8 am aida da plan pe nak buat tau.
    dlm islam pon dah kata kan, berpagi-pagian tu membawa rezeki.
    anak2 memang aida anta. so kekadang 7.40 aida da sampai ofis.
    kekadang siap-siap dah buat oat :)



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