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July 21, 2017

5 Spices To Help Burn That Belly Fat Fast

1/ Chillies
This will add some heat to your food while helping boost burning belly fat fast as it has Capsaicin as active ingredient.

2/ Cinnamon
Cinnamon helps in blood sugar levels in the body and can up to just one teaspoon of cinnamon it can metabolize sugar up to twenty times faster than without.

3/ Onion and garlic
Onions and garlic are closely related and also have some good health benefits one of these benefits is to lower cholesterol and burn belly fat.

4/ Tumeric
Tumeric has some great health properties in helping reducing free radicals in the liver while allowing the liver remove the fat cells, in doing so help reduce your body fat.

July 19, 2017

Health Benefits of Banana

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Health Benefits of Banana
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Protects against ulcers
  • Cures kidney disorders
  • Useful in healthy weight gain
  • Relieves menstrual problems
  • Provides relief from constipation
  • Helps in treating piles and anemia
  • Gives relief from arthritis and gout
  • Boosts eye health and bone health

Tutorial: How to center header and tab in blog

Hello peep,

I'm sure many of us having troble how to center our header and tab rite? Same problem goes with me. Haha. Pity me. But we are lucky because we have all the solution right in front of us. And I would like to save it at my beloved blog for my refference.

First step, log in to your dashboard and click at theme.

Click Customize

Click Advanced

Click Add CSS

And type this code at the box
.Header img {
  margin-$startSide: auto;
  margin-$endSide: auto;

.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

And last step click Apply to Blog. And you are done :)

July 18, 2017

Benefits of Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

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Benefits of Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • protects against free radical damage
  • Boosts brain function
  • Great for teeth and prevents bad breath
  • Helps cure chronic cough, cold and sinuses
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease / promotes heart health
  • Helps remove blood impurities, therefore great for skin
  • Natural food preservative
  • powerful in the treatment of arthritis pain

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