Kembar 3 nak tingalkan The Return of Superman??

Kasih Juju
Song Il Gook and Triplets Reported to Be Leaving “The Return of Superman,” Show Responds
We all know it’s inevitable. Song Il Gook and his lovable triplets will one day leave the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman.” It will leave a hole in our hearts and have us crying tears equal to, but not as cute as, the amount Minguk has shed over his food being taken away.
Local news source Ilgan Sports reports that actor Song Il Gook has decided that he and his sons will stop appearing on the show early next year (around January – February). The exact timing is still in discussion. This reportedly became known during discussions about CF contracts that involve the triplets, with the companies wanting to know the Song family’s plans for leaving the show that made them famous.
In response to this report, both Song Il Gook’ reps and KBS have stated that nothing is decided, which is a vague enough answer to have fans of the show worried.
This past July, it was reported that Song Il Gook will star in the KBS historical drama “Jang Young Sil” (working title), expected to air starting January 2016
Okkay gais,
Sape dekat sini peminat reality show korea 'The Return of Superman', meh nak sep sikit. Kite geng. Suka betul tengok macam mana cara dorang jaga anak masing-masing. Dari kecik tak pandai merangkak sampai dah berlari. 
SukaGelak pun tak delah nak follow sangat cerita tu. Tengok pun part yang kembar 3 nilah. Sebab diorang ni unik. Kembar tak seiras. Nama pun unik. Daehan (Korea), Minguk Republic), Manse (Long live/Hurray).
Tapi diorang dah nak keluar pulak dari cerita ni. Sedihnye korang.  SukaGelak tak berapa minat nak tengok yang lain-lain tu. Huhu. 
Okeylah korang. Tu je nak share harini.
Terima kasih sudi singgah. Wassalam :)